Posted on May 12th 2017


Experimac is a computer franchise business that gives you instant access to multiple revenue streams and puts a huge amount of marketing and advertising resources at your disposal. Continue reading for facts that you might not have known about Experimac….

Posted on May 5th 2017

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If you’ve got general knowledge about computers or are interested in getting into the growing computer industry, then you might be weighing your options, considering whether to start a computer business of your own or to invest in an existing…

Posted on May 4th 2017


  The closest Apple Store to Fredericksburg is 25 miles up the road in Woodbridge, and you’ll need an appointment to meet with their Genius Bar if you’re having problems with your Macbook or iPhone. Lifelong friends Jeff Pradhan and…

Posted on May 3rd 2017


After being laid off and let down by the corporate world, Shane Cannon decided to take matters into his own hands and open his own business. He recently launched an Experimac franchise at 86 Featherbed Lane, behind Domino’s Pizza. Experimac…

Posted on April 28th 2017

Matt Rusconi, who recently added a hot new tech franchise to his two restaurant brands, has a refreshing attitude toward work: he loves it. “There’s something rewarding about being productive,” he says. “It’s challenging and never-ending, but it’s important to…

Posted on April 28th 2017


Just like you need the right ingredients before you can create a delicious soup for guests to enjoy, there are a few essential ingredients that you need in place for overseeing a successful computer business franchise. Fortunately, you don’t have…