Own An ExperiMac

Experimac® is a Proven Business.

So you’ve done your research. You’ve made the savvy choice to invest in a franchise as opposed to opening your own solo business from scratch, you’ve chosen your industry, and you’re ready to hit the ground running with an Experimac franchise, backed by the experts at industry titan United Franchise Group.

Congratulations on getting this far in your journey! Now, what comes next? Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll need to do to become an Experimac franchisee.

Step 1: Pre-Req Check

We receive a large number of inquiries into franchise ownership, and both for this reason and to be sure that potential franchisees are able to make an investment, we require a few financial prerequisites.

When you contact us, we’ll likely ask you about these or there will be questions regarding them on a form you fill out.

For more on what those financial requirements are, please explore our investment page.

By reaching out to us or filling out a form, you’re already moving on to Step No. 2 if you qualify.

Step 2: Request More Information

We want you to know the answers to every critical question you have, so at this point, we’re going to send you a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Be sure to read and review the entire document carefully, as it’s sort of the insider guide to what an Experimac franchise opportunity looks like.

Step 3: Discovery Day!

This is the feeling-out process for both parties and is basically like a low-key job interview. You’ll come to our headquarters and get to meet everyone at corporate face-to-face, as well as some current franchisees. You’ll get a feel for our culture, policies, and more.

Plus, we want to know more about you. Why do you want to be a franchise owner? What experiences and skills do you have that makes you a good candidate? Give our Experimac representatives your best pitch on why we should choose you to be our newest franchisee!

Furthermore, we’re going to give you the foundation of what you need to know during this process, including what to expect from us, what we’re going to expect and need from you, what and when the milestones and deadlines are between now and ownership (if you’re selected), and what it means to be a part of both the Experimac and United Franchise Group families.

Additionally, we’ll review the financial prerequisites and go over everything in detail, including what the investment dollars are going toward, why we have these qualifiers, when you need to have payments ready, and what types of financing is available.

After your Discovery Day, we’ll meet as a team and make a decision on whether we’d like you to continue in the franchising process. If so, we’ll go over the terms of the deposit with you and get started on your Franchise Agreement.

Step 4: Franchise Agreement Review

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! The Franchise Agreement is your contract, which lays out all of the terms and pricing and other important aspects of this mutual agreement, like your protection of territory, franchise fee, royalties and other fees, training and support, and more.

Carefully review the document, ask any questions you have, and we’ll connect you with other franchisees to give the opportunity to speak with as many of them as possible and get a better feel for what it’s like owning an Experimac franchise location.

Step 5: Financing

You’ll need to have a plan for financing before signing the Franchise Agreement. Chances are that even when you’re financially qualified, you’ll still be in need/in search of financing.

We can help you in this process, and fortunately for you, it’s typically easier to acquire financing when franchising opposed to starting a business on your own.

Step 6: Get Started

At this point, you’re dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, signing the Franchise Agreement, and planning to begin your franchisee training.

Congratulations and welcome to the family!

To get started on this journey, contact us today to speak with a representative!