Turnkey Investment

Experimac® is a Proven Business.

Turnkey Investment

As a part of the United Franchise Group family of businesses, Experimac® offers franchisees a proven business model with exceptional support and guidance. We assist with selecting the site location, building out the new store, and work to ensure that franchisees are set up with the tools they need to be successful. Franchisees must simply have the entrepreneurial spirit, business sense, and capital to get started with this turnkey investment.

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Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee of $49,500 must be paid in order for franchisees to begin taking advantage of all that the Experimac® concept and the United Franchise Group have to offer. The franchise fee is due at the time that the franchise agreement is signed by the franchisee and Experimac® franchise professionals. In return for the franchise fee, Experimac® franchisees receive assistance with opening and beginning to run the store, advice about financing and leasing equipment, and access to all of the technical and operational knowledge of the brand.

Liquid Capital

Liquid Capital includes cash, banking accounts, and easily convertible assets. New Experimac® franchisees should have enough liquid capital to be able to support the business financially, paying employee salaries, and covering expenses such as inventory costs, until the store has gained enough momentum to become profitable. The amount of liquid capital accessible to the franchisee is often a strong determinant of the success of new franchisees in the first few years. Experimac® franchisees are expected to have at least $50,000 in liquid capital .

Technology Franchise Investment

Experimac® franchisees should be prepared to invest approximately $136,000 to $277,000. This figure includes the $49,500 franchise fee, money needed to secure real estate, initial supplies, and payroll costs until the business becomes self-sustained. The actual amount invested may vary depending on the store location, the size of the store, the number of employees, and the actual costs of equipment and supplies. Our experienced staff will walk you through a variety of options to fund your new venture, including third-party financing, if necessary, and equipment leasing, so that your store is set up with everything you need to get started.

Experimac® Royalty Fees

Experimac® royalty fees are very reasonable and competitive with other franchises, at 6% of gross sales revenue. Royalty fees help to cover the costs of continuous research and development that is so important to running a successful business in the technology field. Royalty fees also help to pay for the costs of ongoing support and all of the other benefits that Experimac® franchisees receive for being part of the United franchise group family.

Franchise Marketing/Advertising Fund

A nominal monthly fee of $500 or 1% of sales is required of all Experimac® franchisees. The advertising fund utilizes the “strength in numbers” benefit of being part of a franchise family. Dollars are spent on a national level, benefiting all franchise locations equally, ultimately aiming to drive local traffic to stores. The fee is collected and managed by the ad fund board, which consists of elected franchisees, not corporate employees. This allows for franchise owners to focus on what they do best, leaving most of the marketing heavy-lifting to fully vetted marketing professionals.